Saturday, June 21, 2008

No really, I'm still here.

My sister called me yesterday. Now, while Sarah and I do talk on the phone occasionally, it isn't something we do every week. So I asked, surprised, "what's up?" Her answer? "Well, you haven't written on your blog in two weeks, so I thought I'd check and make sure you weren't dead."


June has completely gotten away from me. It started with an impromptu and completely unexpected trip north to visit my parents and grandparents. I left on June 1st and came back the evening of June 7th. The next four days were spent unpacking, washing nearly everything item of clothing we own, and then re-packing for the (planned!) vacation in Oregon to see Gabe's grandmother and aunt and uncles. We got back from that on the evening of June 15th.

That's when I breathe a sigh of relief and life gets back to normal, right? After all, being out of town for 11 of 15 days is quite enough for one pregnant mother of two toddlers to handle.

I absolutely agree, only I wasn't thinking quite that clearly when I scheduled everything in June. So from the 16th until today, I raced around like a crazy woman, getting Lullaby Slings ready for a summer boutique sale at a local church. Man, it takes a lot of WORK to get a new business off the ground!!

It went beautifully. I had a great time (except for the 100 degree heat - not kidding - which my poor pregnant body wasn't too happy about) and made a new friend and passed out about fifty business cards and sold four slings.

Did you catch that part? I actually SOLD FOUR SLINGS!!!

I caught the entrepreneurial bug from my dad, and boy did this ever feed it. I may never recover. :)

Now that all the craziness of the last three weeks is over, I get to spend the next few days weeks picking up the pieces of my normal life. Like cleaning the house, which hasn't actually happened since, well, sometime in May. And tackling the list of "things I need to do" which has somehow morphed into a very long TWO PAGES of typed text. I'm not quite sure how that happened, except that apparently when you leave a few "to dos" on a list for more than three weeks, they behave like rabbits and multiply exponentially.

I don't think I mind, though. Because it was good to see family. And did I mention that I sold four slings? :)


Amber said...

Wow, four slings, that's great! Congratulations - and hopefully there will be some more sales too as a result of all those business cards you handed out. How exciting.

But wow, that to-do list sounds scary. I can see how it can happen though... doesn't it make you realize how much you do manage to get done on a day to day basis when you stop doing it all and then look at the chaotic results that ensue?

Dy said...

Congratulations!! That's fantastic! (and I'm glad she called, and you blogged, b/c the next step was a deluge of emails, ya know).


Jen said...

Congratulations on the sling sales!