Monday, June 09, 2008

He's learning!

This morning Jonathan asked to read "a whole stack!" of books for our preschool time together. I was quite happy to oblige - I think that is my favorite request right now because it means I can sit down on the couch. :)

Preschool time is always followed by Quiet Time (i.e. play by yourself in a different room until the timer beeps time). Usually, quiet time is punctuated by many requests to "be done", but today the timer beeped Jonathan. After about five more minutes I went in to check on him.

If he had been wearing any clothing, I'd have taken a picture. :) He was lying on his side on the bed, totally engrossed in a book. I asked him if he'd heard his timer, and reminded him that it was ok for him to come out now. He responded "ok, but just after I finish my story, ok?"

Yay! He's learning to entertain himself! And he's learning to love books! Does it get any better?? :)


Dy said...

ummm... no, it doesn't. *grin* however, there are so many great things that do come in way up there - I call them "tuckers" b/c you tuck them away to bring a smile again when you most need one. :-)

Amber said...

Oh how neat! I love those moments when you go check on them and you find them doing something like that. It always makes my day.

BTW, I had a dream about you last night - you ended up delivering about a week early and it was a fast delivery at home. And you had a little girl. lol I guess if I can't be having my little one yet, I can at least dream about other people's pregnancies. :-)