Saturday, March 21, 2015

Stitch Fix

After reading about it for months on various blogs, I finally tried Stitch Fix.  I was drawn in first because it just looked like so much FUN!  And, over the past year or so, I've been realizing that much of my clothing is literally starting to disintegrate - there are holes in many of my favorite pieces.  But, what with bringing the boys back home for schooling, and still working as my church's music director, there is NO WAY to find time for shopping.  Not to mention that I hate clothes shopping with a serious passion.

So...Stitch Fix was intriguing.  The idea is that you create a style profile with them (and, if you wish, curate a style pinterest board to help them get a feel for what you like) and then one of their stylists chooses five pieces that she thinks will look great on you.  A cute little box arrives on your doorstep and then you get the fun of opening up your surprise "shopping trip" results!  Bonus: you can try them on in your own room, with the clothes you already own, instead of in a fitting room.  I love that.

I have to admit that the first Fix they sent me was an unmitigated bust.  I sent the entire thing back with a few strong words for the stylist who (apparently) had forgotten to read my notes! 

{I specified NO SWEATERS - she sent me two - and said that I disliked super-thin, see-through shirts - two of those came as well.}

But I decided to try it again, and I'm so glad that I did!  The second Fix had two total winners in it, neither of which I would have pulled off a rack for myself.  First, a totally cute top that matched perfectly with a skirt I already had.

{Please forgive the terrible photos - this was the best I could do with a cranky toddler, an iPhone, and an ill-lit mirror.}

  Timothy was much happier once I picked him up.  Quit taking photos, Mama!  I love the button details on the bodice and sleeves, and the neckline is very flattering.  My 9 year old saw it and said "Hmm, mama, I like that shirt.  It doesn't exactly look like *you*, but I like it." :)

The second winner is this breezy summer dress.  You can't tell from a distance, but the pattern is geometric with the tiniest little orange dots in the center of the pattern.  Again, nothing I would have picked out myself, but so cute!  I feel pretty in it.  Also I feel like I need a cute pair of blue sandals to wear with it. ;)

I'm going to continue using the service regularly for awhile, because my current wardrobe is so seriously lacking.  I will say that the pieces are pricier than what I would normally pick up on sale at Penney's (for example).  But then, I have zero desire (or time) to go try stuff on at Penneys! So I'm ok with paying for the convenience, and the help with style.  If your closet needs help too, do try it out! (And if you use my link, you'll help my Stitch Fix budget go farther, so thanks!)


Jessica Snell said...

Love the dress!

Rachel said...

Very cute!

Rachel said...

Very cute!

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What a great idea!!

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So cute!