Sunday, March 24, 2013

27 weeks

Pictures don't always turn out quite right when a certain 7 year old takes them for you. :)  I wanted a picture of my 27 week belly, and he wanted to include the pink tulips in the garden.  So the lighting is a bit off, but you get the idea!

This was my semi-professional "look" that I wore to a meeting with the principal at our neighborhood public school.  I wanted something more put together than yoga pants and a t-shirt!  The pants are a lovely dove-grey pinstripe that I found for $6 at Savers (you can't really see them in the photo - sorry).  The shirt is borrowed from a friend, and the pearls are a legacy from my grandmother.  It was nice to feel pretty!

Oh, and the school meeting went really, really well!  I met a lot of teachers, observed about six different classes, and was very impressed with the passion and pride that is clearly evident in the teachers and administrative leadership.  It looks like a good place for our kids next year.

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MaTorg said...

Good luck with the transition! It takes time to mentally adjust (at least for me, it did). However, I am SO glad we made the switch as a family. Not that public school is frustation free, but now I have the emotional and physical energy to deal with those frustrations without an anxiety attack or an emotional meltdown (vs. when I homeschooled..because that isn't frustration free either!). Anyhow, I hope your kids transition well too.