Saturday, December 15, 2012

Necessity is the mother of invention

Jonathan loves to create things.  If it were up to him, each day would be one long string of experiments, projects, and inventions.  I can't even begin to keep up with all the things he wants to do!  This morning we made this wreath together. 

He had a surprisingly good eye for balance and design!  Then later, he went to the store with Daddy to get the needed groceries, so that he could make soup for lunch all by himself.  I interpreted the directions, and he did all the cutting himself, except for the onion (slippery skins!)  I'm not sure the result was quite his favorite, but he was very proud!

I'm trying to look at my lack of energy and frequent time spent in bed or on the couch as an opportunity to teach Jonathan to be more independent in his creating.  Today he certainly managed well!

Edited to add: Christmas gifts for family and friends are going to be homemade this year - Jonathan's idea and another fun project for us to do together! :)


ooshela said...

When my mom was in bed with "morning" sickness that lasted all day when she was pregnant with my little brother I was 11. Granted I was a little older than Jonathan but I actually have fond memories of being her big helper. I made many of our dinners. I ran back and forth from my mom's room to the kitchen, getting directions from her on how to make that nights meal. I learned a lot during that time and gained a lot of confidence. You're doing a good job mom!! :) That said...I do hope the 'all day' sickness passes.

palmermom said...

I remember being amazed at what you guys could do when I was somewhat unavailable, such as during my horrific bout with poison oak. You all seemed to rise to the occasion - get along with each other better, get chores done, and do extra things without being asked.

Give Jonathan a hug for us. He's doing well!