Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Thomas!

Look who is FIVE years old today!

He requested Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast.

And apparently this present was "just exactly the set that I always wanted!"

Lego is Thomas' favorite thing right now. He enjoys building with them, and he loves setting up little worlds for his people and imagining adventures for them.

Actually, once the first part of the set was built, he handed the rest of the building off to Jonathan and happily played with the people and coach!

Thomas is growing up so much right now. Until recently, my middle boy has been extremely worried about going anywhere without me, refused to be left in his class during church, and preferred to play alone rather than interact with people. Yet in the past month or so he has started asking for play dates with friends and is comfortable running down to visit neighbor kids without me coming with him. I'm glad he's finding his comfort zone with people, and I'm glad we let him arrive there in his own time and on his own terms.

Happy Birthday, my dear little introvert. We love you so very much.


Jenn said...

What fun. Happy Birthday, Thomas!

Stephanie S said...

Happy birthday, Thomas! :)