Monday, December 26, 2011

Crowning Achievements Doula Services

Gabe and I spent some hours working on my website today. New photos, new comments from past clients, some new content and better page organization. It is a thing of beauty (and a joy forever?)! Would you take a minute and look around?

I'm working hard to get my name and website more visibility, so that potential clients can find me. If you've known me in any birth-related capacity, could you take a few minutes to write a review? The most important places are yelp and Google maps.

Friends and family with blogs, every time you link to my website it helps Google searches find me. I'd be grateful!

Your help is invaluable! Thank you!


Alisha said...

Your website is beautiful! I wish you lived in Seattle!

Kristen said...

I love this picture. Your website looks great too.

sarah marie said...

website looks great, although I still stand by a my previous comment that what your logo really needs is a baby's head emerging from the O in the word "crowning."

okay, I jest, that would be horrifying I'm sure. but funny to think about, haha.

I just met a doula the other day; she owns a maternity thrift store I was shopping in.