Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Easy readers: frequently enjoyed baby books!

You know how you read those little board books to your kiddos over, and over, and over, and over, and over again? I just discovered a happy result to all those repetitions. Jonathan has gone back to the board books that I was almost ready to put away (I'm glad I hadn't gotten around to it yet!) He's reading them to himself. They have quite a few words in them that aren't technically "easy reader"
language, but because the books often rhyme, and because he remembers how they're supposed to sound, he's able to figure it out. There is a whole new level of enjoyment for him in picking up a book because he wants to, and reading it without asking for help all the time. :)

Besides, who doesn't enjoy books that include lines such as:
Pajammy to the left.

Pajammy to the right.

(Jamma jamma jamma jamma P! J!)
It just makes you smile!

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Rachel said...

We LOVE those books. Seriously. I bought four of them when Hannah was a baby {15 years ago...sigh} and still read them to Samuel. I know them by heart and have my own "sing songy" way of reading them.

Love them. And I love that you use them as early readers -- that's a great idea!