Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Parenting boys?

Auntie Leila's counsel is not to be missed. Today she's offering her 10 rules for mothering a 13 year old boy. Even if your boys are still quite young, as mine are, Leila's suggestions are worth reading and tucking away for later use.

While you're there, browse through her archives. They're full of wisdom, humor, and lovely photos.


Diana J. said...

That was BRILLIANT - definitely printing for my parenting notebook!!


Sara in Seattle said...

awesome link, and I look forward to going through her archives too--she's added to my reader now!

Katie Jones said...

Thanks for sharing. I love Auntie Leila, but sometime I forget to read her blog. I wish that I could have lived near her and shadowed her. There is too much to soak up!

Oh, and I think that your boys are awesome. :)

Amber said...

What a great post, thanks for linking to it. I used to read that blog when it first started, but stopped because I found it a little too verbose and picture heavy. It didn't seem like the signal to noise ratio was worth it. But I think I'll keep a closer eye on it - there is some great stuff there!