Thursday, February 04, 2010

Oh kiddo, I know how you feel.

This morning Jonathan woke Thomas up too early. We're trying to teach him not to do this, but sometimes the allure of someone to play with is too much to overcome. Usually Thomas survives this without too much trouble.

At breakfast, Thomas was almost finished with his eggs when he somehow spilled his bowl on the floor. I cleaned it all up, asked if he wanted more of something else (there were no more eggs) and found myself staring at a wailing child. He had completely fallen apart. I gave him a hug, and in a few moments he choked out "I'm. just. so. tired!"

Oh honey. I know.


Myrnie said...

Oh poor boy! (And poor Mama too...we know how you feel.)

Amber said...

Oh poor little guy! And good for him that he was able to express what was going on and not just leave it as a wail. That says a lot about how far he's come, doesn't it.