Tuesday, December 01, 2009

CVS trip - free Swiffer!

I've been wanting to get a Swiffer for awhile. People who have them tend to love them, and well, I hate mopping or sweeping the floor. Something new is worth a try, right?

This week CVS has an extra buck deal on Swiffers and refills. The starter kit is $9 and the refills are $4. If you spend $15, you get $5 back in extra bucks.

That's what I went in for...and I was thrilled to discover that they (the store on Whittier and Idaho) are doing a major clearance as well! So here is what I did today:

2 Celestial Seasonings tea samplers (90% off) $0.74
12 bars of soap (90% off) $1.08
1 Swiffer $9.00
2 Swiffer refills $8.00
2 gal. milk $5.38
Subtotal: $24.20

Celestial seasonings coupon -$0.74 (adjusted down)
Swiffer coupon -$5.00
Swiffer refill coupon -$4.00
2 milk coupons -$1.00
$5/$20 purchase CVS coupon -$5.00
Extra bucks -$8.00

Subtotal: $0.46
Tax: $0.71
TOTAL: $1.17

I received $5 in extra bucks, but spent $8, for a net total cost of $4.17. Which is, please note, less than the cost of the milk. Yay! :)

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Together We Save said...

Wow - great deal on swiffer!!